Compare Coby CA745 to Whole House FM Transmitter 3.0

The all NEW Whole House FM Transmitter is packed with so many upgraded features, its difficult for us to compare it to lesser transmitters like the Coby CA745.

With a redesign driven by customer innovations, the NEW 3.0 broadcasts further, uses multiple powering options and comes with a direct in line microphone port. The Coby CA745¬†doesn’t stand a chance in a head to head comparison with the improvements we made to the 3.0.

With superior broadcast distance and unsurpassed flexibility, you can clearly see why we offer a generous 120 day risk free trial and 1 year warranty.

Coby CA745 ReviewCoby CA 745 Whole House FM Transmitter 3.0 ComparisonWhole House FM Transmitter 3.0
Frequency Options 88.1 – 107.9 MHz 88.1 – 107.9 MHz
Broadcast Distance A few feet 150 Feet In All Directions
Power Sources
AC Wall Outlet No Yes
12v Car Power Adapter Yes Yes
Computer USB No Yes
Batteries No Yes
Audio Sources
iPods & iPhones Yes Yes
Other MP3 Players Yes Yes
TVs, DVD Players, Home Stereo, Satellite Radio, etc No Yes
Computers, Laptops, Netbooks, etc Yes Yes
Direct Input Microphone No Yes
Other Audio Sources Yes Yes